Good Children Gallery

4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117



Black Lives Matter

Three months ago with the onset of COVID-19, we were challenged with the task of reimagining what the gallery could be. Now in the midst of these urgent times, we are pushed even further to pursue ways of undoing racism, decolonizing institutions and dismantling systems of oppression. This demands everyone’s immediate, ongoing and long-term commitment.

The opportunity for change has always been available, but Good Children Gallery has not always done enough. With this in mind, Good Children Gallery is taking concrete steps to restructure our collective and programing to reflects the true diversity of New Orleans' creative community.

We hope that you hold us accountable and continue to check in on us in the coming months and years as we as listen, grow, and enact change.

Additionally, we would like to offer our space and resources for creating messages that further social justice. Starting in July we will begin sourcing poster designs from the community which we will print and distribute. Pease stay tuned for more detail or email us at