Good Children Gallery

4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117



Jessica Bizer:Dancing Colors
Opening: Saturday March 9, 6 - 9 pm

Exhibition Dates: March 9 to April 7

About the Exhibition
Dancing Colors is an immersive video installation by Jessica Bizer. The show is inspired by a performance from dancers Diogo de Lima and Franky Canga. They collaborated on an improvised routine especially for this project. The artist uses video from the piece to create a dreamy animation that channels the mysterious beauty of their performance. The video is projected onto a variety of installation elements, bringing viewers into an otherworldly atmosphere. .

The back room of the gallery features the Dacning Colors animation layered with shadow art by Lazel. Performance documentation by Leone Julitte.

About the Artist
Jessica Bizer's work is centered on exploring the transformative possibilities of color, shape, and light as they shift and reconfigure within a fluid atmosphere. Blending a range of digital and analog media, she constructs immersive spaces from projections, installation, and painting.Her goal is to evoke a sense of complex abundance and discovery as the viewer is drawn into a shape-shifting, multi-faceted space.

She is profoundly influenced by the contemporary landscape, a space in which the physical and virtual worlds continually overlap and inform one another. Her artwork seeks to capture the drama and excitement of this infinitely layered environment, exploring its potential for creativity and surprise. She takes joy in utilizing technological tools, often in unintended ways, to cultivate spaces that foster rest, growth, and connection.

Sparking an active relationship with the viewer is an integral aspect of her artistic practice. Her installations invite audiences to explore multi-dimensional dreamscapes that encourage movement, interaction, and participation. The resulting engagement between viewers, her work and each other creates a collaborative experience that emphasizes expansion and possibility. She wants to provide audiences with experiences that not only provide a dreamlike escape from the everyday, but also inspire new perspectives within the everyday environment.

Bizer lives and works in New Orleans and is a founding member of Good Children Gallery. Her recent projects include collaborations with the Music Box Village (New Orleans), the Milagros Collective, the clothing designer Altar and musicians such as Quintron and Eve Maret. She also recently completed a residency with the New Orleans Arts Council. Bizer has shown work in numerous group and solo exhibitions. Her work is included in the collections of the Benetton Corporation and the New Orleans Museum of Art. She has also been highlighted in publications including Nylon, Hyperallergic, and Miami New Times, and on National Public Radio's Studio 360. Bizer is a graduate of the University of New Orleans MFA Program.

Dancing Colors 1, digital print on holographic paper, 11 x 14", edition of 10.
Based on photographs by Leone Juliette

Dancing Colors 2, digital print on holographic paper, 11 x 14", edition of 10.
Based on photographs by Leone Juliette

Dancing Colors 3, digital print on holographic paper, 11 x 14", edition of 10.
Based on photographs by Leone Juliette