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Drift: Michel Varisco
Opening: Saturday June 10, 6 - 9 pm

Exhibition Dates: June 10 to July 2

Good Children Gallery is pleased to present Drift: Underwater Assemblages by Michel Varisco; featuring images of Marcela Byrne, Greg Bright, Loam Durapau, Ember Soberman and Jakob Hoffman.

Drift: to move slowly on water, wind, etc

A drift is a movement away from somewhere or something or a movement towards somewhere or something different.

Ocean drift is one of the wide slower movements of surface oceanic circulation under the influence of, and subject to reversion or reversal by, prevailing winds.

Magnetized Thermal dye prints on aluminum in found object 19"x19"x16"

Magnetic pigment print in box, fabric, 5"x11.5"x 3"

Thermal dye pigment print on aluminum, glass, wooden frame 29"x30"

Magnetized thermal dye pigment prints in wooden frame 20"x22"