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The Sideshow Show : Presented by Generic Art Solutions
Opening: Saturday May 13, 6 - 9 pm

Exhibition Dates: May 13 to June 4

Good Children Gallery and Generic Art Solutions are pleased to present: The Sideshow Show. As we pass by the wreckage of American culture, we witness a modern-day sideshow. Our politics, entertainment, and social media are becoming increasingly unfiltered, unrestrained, and bizarre, yet we cannot turn away. Conspiracy theories and alternate realities have become commonplace. We slow down and rubberneck at this often disturbing and grotesque spectacle.

But do we really want to delve into the complex psychological underpinnings, or do we just catch a quick glimpse through the rearview mirror?

This exhibition showcases the creative works of artists who have unique and imaginative minds that transport us into their idiosyncratic worlds. Some of the captivating experiences on display include the night terrors of Lana Guerra , the puppet world of Panacea Theriac, and Jane Tardo & Benjamin Harlow's "Haunted Snake Tube". Get ready for the next ride, it will be here very soon!

Sideshow Show artist include: Alex Podesta, Dan Charbonnet, Generic Art Solutions, Jane Tardo & Benjamin Harlow, Jayme Kalal, Jeff Rinehart, John Isaiah Walton, Lana Guerra, and Panacea Theriac.