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Yes We Cannibal: Capitol Offense
Opening: Saturday February 11, 6 - 9 pm

Friday Feb 7 @8PM, performance by Fake Last Name, Secret Cowboy & Not My Real Job

Exhibition Dates: February 11 to March 5

Note: The gallery will be closed Sat Feb 18 and Sun Feb 19 for Mardi Gras

Good Children Gallery is excited to present Capitol Offense, an exhibition curated by Yes We Cannibal. The exhibition will be on view February 11th - March 5th, 2023. Please join us on Saturday, February 11 from 6-9pm for the opening of Capitol Offense.

Yes We Cannibal was founded in March 2020, but it's opening was staggered over the course of a year due to COVID. On the second anniversary of our first gallery show, Capitol Offense arrays a selection of artists who have previously exhibited at, or otherwise collaborated with, YWC, providing a wider aperture for what happens at YWC, why, and to what effect(s). Some of the works in Capitol Offense return from earlier gallery shows, some are new works from previously exhibiting artists, some are new collaborations, and some artists now cross genres, such as in the case of Ryan C Clarke who moves from critical sound collage to sculpture. YWC is both an embedded and profoundly local site as well as a node in an international community of artists and thinkers. Each of these works is a provocation; each unfolds on a different stratum of social experience. Exhibited media include photography, sculpture, 2d works, mixed-media, video, and more, foregrounding the wide berth of practices, communities and curatorial tracks that intersect at YWC and suggesting how they have or may still cross-pollinate. This body of works has been curated to activate a space where psychic and psychological curiosity towards encounter is heightened. Its title plays gently with associations between punitive strictures against taboo or social heresy, and more overtly with the relationship between Louisiana's capitol city, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, a long and complicated set of episodes and predispositions. The exhibit includes video work by Steven L. Anderson (Atlanta) and LMFS (London, UK), photography by Lily Brooks, Cedric Dent Jr, Osha Blue Eye, and Jonathan Peterson, Sculpture from RC Clarke, Mat Keel, Ellen Khansefid and Marisa Marofske (Los Angeles), and Erin Woodbrey (Massachusetts), drawing, collage and painting by Erik Fields, eternity, and Chihiro Ito (Brooklyn / Tokyo), as well as mixed-media work by Liz Lessner and Thomas Stanley aka Bushmeat Sound (Washington DC), documentation of bio-sculptures by Cesar Lois (Sao Paolo, BR; Escondido, CA) and sound sculpture by Erin Demastes. The exhibition also presents uncanny documentation of Yes We Cannibal's broader activities, featuring an interactive archive that will include a listening station, posters, photos, clippings, articles, ephemera, as well some artifacts for purchase.

Yes We Cannibal's monthly hip hop showcase, Sole Lab Sundays will be relocated to Good Children for its February installment on February 26th at 4pm, as will micro-rave Future Ex-Youth, on February 17th at 11pm, which will immediately follow a performance by rarely seen Baton Rouge art punk project Fake Last Name with special guest Secret Cowboy interpreting the gestural score to composer Simon Berz’s Tectonic as performed at YWC in December 2022, at 8 pm.

Further information on gallery hours, events and openings is available at Immediate inquiries may be directed by phone or SMS to YWC co-founders Liz Lessner at (240) 644-2038 or Mat Keel at (240) 595-9421.

Cedric Dent Jr.

Ellen Khansefid and Marisa Marofske

Erick Fields

Erin Woodbrey


Cesar & Lois

RC Clarke