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Repeat After Me: Carrie Fonder
All-American and Very Down to Earth: Justin Quaid Grubb

Opening: Saturday November 12, 6 - 9 pm

Exhibition Dates: November 12 to December 4

Good Children Gallery is pleased to present two solo exhibitions; Carrie Fonder, Repeat After Me and Justin Quaid Grubb, All-American and Very Down to Earth will be on view November 12 - December 4th, 2022. Please join us for the opening reception Saturday, November 12, 6-9pm.

Repeat After Me: Carrie Fonder

Using humor as an investigative strategy, Fonder's sculpture, video, and installation works explore issues of power and complicity through the use of humor and kitsch. Her two-dimensional and three-dimensional works examine ideas of material drag, illusion, and twinning and are often grouped in associative installation vignettes. Some of these works reappear in videos and can be found animating the digital space, while others remain exclusively in the physical realm. Through this duplication, she invites viewers to reflect on how the sausage is made—both within her work and beyond.

In Repeat After Me, Fonder examines repetition and duplication via generation and breakdown. Repetition can be the basis of practice, a tool of pedagogy, a form of self-soothing, or a sign of dysfunction. Through repetition, duplication creates facsimiles—true and otherwise. The repetition and duplication examined here extend beyond this exhibition; Repeat After Me is a prequel to her next exhibition, And Everything Ate Itself.

Carrie Fonder earned her MFA in sculpture at Cranbrook Academy of Art and her BFA in sculpture at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She is a Fulbright Nehru Award recipient and is currently a member of Good Children Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally from Detroit to New Delhi. Fonder is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of West Florida.

All-American and Very Down to Earth: Justin Quaid Grubb

The overarching theme dealt with in my work relates to the Space Age - specifically the predictive futuristic approach to product design and the pop culture that came out of the movement. By refurbishing aesthetics of the futurist past to fit this new era of human space flight, my work becomes a playful commentary on the commodification of the future and the resurgence of space exploration in contemporary pop culture. Within this commentary, I examine cultural norms established in Mid-Century America and take an autobiographical approach to speculating the role of objects in the communication of identity. Ultimately, this investigation produces reactions to heteronormative representations of domestic bliss and exposes a longing for community as consequence.

In my current body of work, a series of Neo-Space Age field studies employ queer camp sensibilities in the character glorification of abstract ceramic forms that operate as extensions of self. Unapologetic in their presentation, these objects suggest relentless optimism and a satisfaction of the ever present internal demand for community as tactics for establishing queer space in hetero-dominated territory. With this, the ambiguous Neo- Space Age forms go beyond communicating the identity of the maker through their objecthood to assert their own creative agency as devices of queer futuring.

This exhibition is part of a series of DIY Neo-Space Age field studies which speculate the role of objects in the communication of identity.

Justin Quaid Grubb is currently Ceramics Faculty and the Ceramics Lab Coordinator at the University of West Florida. He earned his BFA in Ceramics from IUPUI Herron School of Art & Design in 2019 and his MFA in Ceramics from Rhode Island School of Design in 2021.