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Under the Weather: Curated by Generic Art Solutions

Opening: Saturday May 14, 6 - 9 pm
Exhibition Dates: May 14 to June 5

Buddy Breathingy Generic Art Solutions

I am writing this note to say that I am not going to make it in today; I have been feeling under the weather. It's been way too hot as of late, I feel there's a storm coming in, my house took 6 inches of water, and the air quality is looking grim. The doctor says my body is not cooperating, and my mental health has taken a dive due to the fires on the horizon and the war on the TV. Now my vote doesn't count, and no one is listening. I am feeling very foggy... I suspect something died in my wall; at least I think that's the smell. It's just so damn hot! I can't keep on top of it all; now that all the ice is gone, and the birds too. I think they know something, don't you? I hope to see you when it's all over. I will try to get it together, and I hope you make it out too.

They say it will never be the same... I so hope that's not true.

Under the Weather is a group show featuring work from artists Christy Lorio, Dawn DeDeaux, Quintron, Generic Art Solutions and Theodora Eliezer.

Soft Decay Theodora Eliezer

Christy Lorio