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In accordance with COVID-19 Phase 2 reopening of venues in New Orleans we reqire all visitors to wear masks and observe social distancing. We will limit the number of visitors at one time in our gallery per city protocol, and will continue to provide masks and hand sanitizer.

The Sleep of Reason: Curated by Tony Campbell and Mat Vis

Opening: Saturday May 8, 4 - 9 pm
Exhibition Dates: May 8 - June 6

Yes, we have all slept these many years. If that were not so, how do we explain where we are now? Scientific rigor is losing the battle to opinion. Facts are now points of negotiation to be molded like clay into whatever shape serves a purpose. Certainty is lost. Google has all the answers, as well as all the lies. It all feels like an anxiety dream, full of the familiar yet darkly inverted. Like any dream, we awake to more questions than answers.

As artists we turn inward, a place of retreat to self-reflect. It is home to our internal dialogue, where we work through conflicts, discover our truths, ideals, and underlying purpose. These battles are mirrored in the external world, except greatly amplified.

What a surreal world we have created and now inhabit. Is it time to awake and reflect on where we have been, to shed our slumber and flex our reason? We fear in this reality the alarm was never set and this sleep of reason continues...

Featured Artists:

Luis Cruz Azaceta
Blake Boyd
Dan Charbonnet
Generic Art Solutions
Dane Hansen
Regina Scully
Nina Schwanse
Nari Ward