Good Children Gallery

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King Tides: Michel Varisco

Opening: Saturday Dec 14, 6 - 9 pm
Exhibition dates: Dec 14 - Jan 19

Artist talk: Thurs, Dec 12th 10-11 am

Good Children Gallery is excited to present Michel Varisco: King Tides. Please join us Saturday, December 14th, 6-9 pm for the opening. The exhibition runs through January 5. *There will be an artist talk on Thurs, Dec 12th 10-11 am.

King Tides imagines a future where high tides have overtaken the land due to industrial and political kings who ignored the signs of the Anthropocene. King Tides are the highest tides. When the moon is closest to the earth and when the earth, moon, and sun are in alignment, this is when the gravitational pull is strongest.

In this photographic and mixed media exhibition Varisco employs a kind of magical realism as a strategy to address the rising sea. Working with subjects who are living in threatened areas like New Orleans—a floodable bowl well below sea level—she fast forwards 30 years to a time when the National Oceanic Administration predicts New Orleans will be perpetually 4-5 feet underwater.

Varisco states: "what begins as concern lifts us out of our existential free-fall, and temporarily allows us to breathe deeply when we come up for air to find a new center of gravity."