Good Children Gallery

4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117



Now that I'm a woman, everything is strange:
Jessica Bizer, Rachel Avena Brown, Rachel Jones Deris, Sophie Lvoff and Nina Schwanse. Curated by Jessica Bizer.

Opening: Saturday September 14, 6 - 9 pm
Exhibition dates: September 14 - October 6

Film Screening curated by Luci Broom, TBA.

Now that I'm a woman, everything is strange is an immersive mixed media exhibition inspired by song lyrics from the film The Last Unicorn. Channeling the idea of the "witchy woman", the show explores fluidity and shape-shifting as sources for feminine power.

Pet Turtle: Lizzie Wright

Opening: Saturday September 14, 6 - 9 pm
Exhibition dates: September 14 - October 6

Good Children Gallery is pleased to present Pet Turtle, an exhibition of sculptures by artist Lizzie Wright.

An interest in shells persists in Wright’s work- previously ostrich eggs, clam and horseshoe crab shells. Here the concern is turtle shells, remnants from a species at least 60 million years old. Wright had a pet turtle as a young child, who’s shell she still keeps on her dresser, amongst other curiosities. This shell blended into the landscape of her possessions until it was highlighted by her students, children ages 9-13, who seemed to frequently refer to turtles in their work, even though they themselves had little physical contact with them. At times the children’s work would obviously represent the form of a turtle, while at other times the painter of a completely abstract work would declare in an obvious tone, “It’s a turtle.” The concept of the turtle was like a structure, capable of supporting endless material play where anything goes as long as the work could somehow be tied back to the simple form of a turtle. In Pet Turtle, the theme of the turtle functions to unite explorations in gesture, tone, form, and engagement with art history. Some works relate to the turtle through direct depiction and others by engaging in the world of pet turtles- a water bowl, a shoe box where one might keep a turtle furnished with an apparent heated rock lamp, and a log where a turtle might perch.

The sculptures largely employ materials both at hand and recycled from previous works. Scraps of plexi, spare window screen, and an old painting of a tree on acrylic are here cut up and reconfigured into Filtered Log. Two acrylic pedestals from previous work support a cast of old studio shoes and a salt lamp an artist friend left in Wright’s car (I owe u) to form the sculpture Shoe Box. An old grill top becomes the cagey pedestal for Water Bowl, itself made from rulers Wright’s students bent out of shape. The glazed ceramic turtle shells in Scexoticonce and MY Pet Turtle were cast from the shell of the artist’s own childhood pet.

Lizzie Wright (b. 1979) was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, and lives and works in New York City and the Catskills. She received an MFA in Sculpture from Yale University. She has exhibited at a variety of spaces including Rawson Projects, NY; Essex Flowers, NY; Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, NY; Camayuhs, Atlanta; Artist Curated Projects, Los Angeles; and Adds Donna, Chicago. Her work has been reviewed by various publications including the New Yorker and New Art City.