4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

Stephen Collier: The Pigeons in This Town Taste Like Shit
Opening: Saturday January 10, 6 - 9 pm
Exhibition Dates: January 10 – February 8

Good Children Gallery is pleased to announce The Pigeons in This Town Taste Like Shit, a solo exhibition by Stephen Collier. The exhibition will include paintings and sculptures that hover around the rituals of leisure, revelry, debauchery, masking, war, and protest. Influenced by Thorstein Veblen’s book Theory of the Leisure Class, the exhibition will delve into issues of authenticity, empowerment, individualism verses collectivity, psychological barriers, and escapism.

Collier creates a visual language from common building materials, smoke bombs, found objects, and gestures taken from forms of protest and masking traditions including Mardi Gras and Halloween.

The exhibition will be divided into two rooms that contain separate series of works. The front room will contain Brick Wall Portraits. A series of sheet rock constructions that explore in the idea of interiors and exteriors states and how people behave differently when they’re in disguise or playing a role. The back room will house a series of smoke bomb stained canvases with images borrowed from Zippo lighters engravings that US servicemen had personalized and carried while serving during the Vietnam War.